Welcome to the Scheme Search page.

If you are trying to contact a CCTV scheme operator you need to enter the Scheme ID in the above search box along with the County the sign was located in, for example “Derbyshire”. It will then give you full contact details of that particular Scheme operator.

You are required to input the County as well as the Scheme ID to prevent Internet “robots” trawling this site.

Enter the same County as the one you spotted the signage in.

The scheme ID will look something link this.


If the scheme ID that you enter does not bring back any results you need to check that you have entered the correct scheme ID and the correct County where you spotted the sign. If this still does not work you need to go back to the sign and make sure that you have taken down the correct Scheme ID and try again.

If you want to test how the results look, enter the scheme ID as given in the above example and select the county of “Cheshire” this is a test entry enabling you to understand the system.