Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information which a website transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer. The browser then saves the information and sends it back to the website server. When that browser returns to the same website the cookie will recognise the user.

A cookie will typically contain details such as the domain from which the cookie has come from, a value which is usually a random unique number as an identifier and the lifetime (expiry) of the cookie.

The type of cookies used on this website:

  • Session Cookies: allowing us to “remember” content from page to page (these expire when you leave the website or close the browser).

What will a cookie do for me?

Almost every web site that offers advanced features such as online ordering and custom content utilises cookies. uses cookies to keep track of whether you are logged in to your account or not and keep track how the site is used so we can develop the site and give a good user experience. Each web site utilises unique cookies, which essentially means that the cookies used by one site cannot be used by another.

What if I do not accept cookies?

If you choose not to accept a cookie you will not be able to login and administer your account. You will still be able to search for signs.

Why does the website use cookies: wants to provide a good customer experience on the website and here's an example of how cookies can allow this to happen:

Helps us to know that you are logged in and to display different content to you than when you are an anonymous user of the site.

Turning off / disallowing / disabling or deleting cookies:

the majority of internet browsers will provide an option to disallow cookies. You can usually find how to do this in the help menu for your browser. Cookies can also be deleted by using your internet browser, but you must disallow otherwise they will be reapplied the next time you visit a website.

List of the different types of cookies used by

Cookie Type Cookie Name Description Purpose
Session WHOISSESSID A unique ID Number This allows the website to know if you are logged in or not and who you are logged in as. It is deleted when you close your browser down..
Session cookieConsent The value yes. It is added when you click to close the cookie warning notice at the top of the page so it will not reappear when you go to another page on this site. Used to confirm that you are happy to receive cookies from this site.
Persistent _ga A unique client identifier, which is a randomly generated number. Used by Google Analytics to distinguish users. It expires in 24 Months.
Persistent __utma First visit (unique visit), Last visit (returning visit). Used by Google Analytics to distinguish users and sessions. It expires in 24 Months.
Session __utmb Count of entrance visits and time stamp. Used by Google Analytics to demarks the exact arrival time. It expires 30 mins from set/update.
Session __utmc timestamp of current session. Used by Google Analytics to registers the precise exit time of the user. It expires 30 mins from set/update.
Persistent __utmz Data on where the user came from and what link was used including any keyword used. Used by Google Analytics to monitor the HTTP Referrer and notes where a visitor arrived from. It expires in 6 months from set/update.

Will this policy change?

Our business changes constantly and therefore our policies will need to change to reflect that. You should check our website frequently to see recent changes. Unless stated otherwise our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you. We will never materially change our policies and practices to make them less protective of user information collected in the past without the consent of affected users.