Registering with


When registering schemes there are a number of ways of organising how you go about it depending on your circumstances.

If you are a scheme operator with only one site and you are the contact for that site then you only have to register an account with the site using the relevant scheme number. If you wish to add more signs then you can simply logon and add new numbers to that site. Or if you have more than one site and are still the contact, simply add new sites to the account; you do not have to create another ‘master account’ for that site.

If on the other hand you have multiple sites and different contact details for those sites simply create a new contact/user from your ‘master account’, add a new site and then assign the contact/user to that site. This new contact can then login and manage their own site and their own contact details only. This may be handy for installers registering on behalf of a number of clients or a larger retail chain with multiple outlets.


Step 1
Enter the Scheme Id that is on the sign you have purchased and click the register button.
(Please note our website creates a single cookie to track if you are logged in or not and does not contain any personal information.)
Step 2 - create a user name and password
Enter a unique username. This must be at lest 4 characters long and alphanumeric only.
Enter a password. This must be 6 - 20 characters long and be alphanumeric only.
Then you need to confirm the password by entering it in the confirm password field.
Next enter the Unique Reference Number(URN). On the larger signs you will find printed on the back of the sign. On the stickers it is printed at the bottom and is a 8 alphanumeric code (XXX99999).
Finally, click continue to go to the next step.
Step 3 - entering you contact details.
Here you enter your contact details, which are used for your first site address. This can be changed later.
Please make sure you enter your email address correctly! We use this to send you a conformation email. With out this email you will not be able to complete the registration, so you must enter a valid email address.
You also need to give the site a name, which you enter in the site name field. Click Submit to continue.
On successfully completing the registration you will be sent an email to confirm and complete the registration process. This email contains a link to a confirmation page; click on it and your browser should open with a login page part filled in for you. Just enter your password and you will be logged in and the registration process will be complete.
Please note that if you do not complete the registration process by a set time your registration details will be removed from the system and you will have to fill in a new registration to register again.
Also once you have registered you can add as many sites as you like or add more sign to a site without having to register again.

Adding A New Contact

To change the contact details of a site; first add a new contact, then you will be able to change the contact of the site.

  1. Login and go to ‘Manage Contact’
  2. From there leave the contact as ‘new user’ and enter a user name for the new contact.
  3. Fill in the rest of the form, giving them a password and click add.
  4. Go to ‘Your Sites’ and click on the ‘Update Site Details’ button for the relevant site.
  5. At the bottom of the form there if a drop down list called ‘Assign Contact’ which you should be able to chose your new contact.
  6. Clicking Amend will then assign the contact details to that site.
  7. Pass on the user name and password for your new contact to the relevant person and they will be able to manage their own details and manage, in a limited way, the sites they are responsible for( but not any other sites that are not their responsibility).